App Design – Sketching/Wireframing

App user flow

With the user flow we are trying to keep the process as simple and straightforward as possible. Therefore our aim to have as little possibility for the user to deviate from the flow, keeping options and information limited to the most necessary.



For the wireframing process I experimented with some different options for allowing the user to initially explore the app. However in keeping with the user flow decided to guide the user through the app instead of allowing possibility for navigation confusion. I struggled the most with the tip list layout, trying to find a balance between giving the user maximum information as possible but in a clear and concise form so as to prevent information overload as was the issue we saw with our competitors. I prefer the navigation menu positioned along the bottom of the app as I think this is more in keeping with how a user will be holding their phone and allows their fingers to access the nav menu options more easily.


Detailed Wireframes


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