App Design – Market Research

Understanding the market – competitor diagram



I compiled my competitor findings into a competitor diagram above to help figure out what the client’s app will need to focus on the most. After analysing the results it is clear that the sections and features most needed that are lacking from our competitors are finding destinations based on users location, being able to filter information, and also allowing more user interaction. These will become the client’s unique selling points and are what we will focus the most on when we start to think about the design of our app.


Online surveys


In order to help us figure out our target audience for the client’s app and to get some real user’s thoughts on the usefulness of such an app, an online survey was conducted in order to try and get some qualitative and quantitative research into our potential market. We can see from the results below that most (almost 90%) have researched culture/etiquette before travelling and that the most popular form of doing this is Googling information online. The biggest problem with Google is that once the information is discovered the user is forced to use something external to keep this information e.g. a note app, physical notebook, or memory. The client’s app would not only provide the user with the information they hopefully need but also the means for storing this information so it is easily found again when they require it. This must be a selling point when it comes to marketing the client’s app.




Target Audience


Following the discovery phase I have found that my target audience is:




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