UX Workshop and Team Collaboration

Teamwork can be a difficult thing. Especially if like me you find yourself constantly torn between wanting to please everyone, but also just wanting it done your own way. Despite this however, I’d like to believe we successfully overcame any of these challenges in our recent UX Workshop.

There were three members in our group and we had each brought three equally interesting app ideas with us. We were tasked with figuring out which of our three ideas would be most serviceable to our chosen markets and then work together to do some further research on our chosen idea. In order to be as fair as possible in this first task we went through a Decision Matrix to weight each of our ideas, which I’ll include below. This process eliminated a lot of guesswork as there were several categories where one idea could score higher than another and so would give us a much more well-rounded and knowledgeable ranking for each idea.

Decision Matrix

Idea A – Consisted of an app that would allow its user to pick a movie to watch based on the different entertainment subscriptions i.e. Netflix, HBO, etc. and also a particular rating on rating sites such as Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb.

Idea B – This idea was for a very specific market in that it would allow its users to record lap times for various racecourses around the world. It would also provide extra features like weather updates and live streams for your chosen racecourse.

Idea C – This idea was a night-out planner app which would provide night out locations based on certain preferences e.g. location, drinks prices, music tastes, etc.

While the rankings were all quite close, meaning each of them would have probably been a viable choice, we agreed upon Idea A to do our further research on.

Once we’d decided on our app, it was time to do some digging into the various other aspects including working out the various stakeholders, different customers/users, the customer journey,  contacting potential customers, then finally benchmarking.

On the whole I felt we tackled the various topics well, each person making valid contributions. Because the app idea had originated with only one member of the group, there was sometimes difficulty in getting everyone to understand certain aspects or features of the app as this was reliant on one person trying to explain. However, one benefit of this was that if there was an aspect that wasn’t being communicated well it did allow for some more brainstorming on the specific area in order to make it easier to comprehend which in the long run will make the app simpler not only for potential stakeholders etc. to understand but also of course potential customers.

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